Thursday, July 16, 2009

Verbal Attack on the Street

Yesterday I was walking home on 14th street when a tall man came up along side me pointing at my stomach yelling something that my ipod prevented me from hearing. I should have kept the headphones on.

"That's your fault! You got an extra 100 pounds there! I lost 100 pounds. All ya gotta do is take control.", he bellowed at me. Being the seasoned NYC pedestrian that I am, I put up my crazy force field, looked him straight in the eye, I said loudly, "No, Thank You!" and I turned around and walked in the other direction.

While I can easily chalk that off to an adult with no sensibilities, I found myself for the rest of the day and today seeing lots of glances at my stomach.

I'm just getting used to the mindset of health at any size and accepting myself as is. I even noted in a recent reply to one of the FA blogs I follow how I never see anyone staring at my stomach.

Amazing how tough it is to maintain the self acceptance mind set. I'm getting there.

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