Sunday, November 22, 2009

Zaftig Honors - Thanks Sylvia and Bianca

Thank you to Sylvia and Bianca for this most prestigious honor. Usually I hot delete the moment I see something like this on my computer, but this is the Fat-O-Sphere and I gots mad love for all my peeps within it...

So I have to get back to you on the fellow bloggers, however, here is my 10 honest things for anyone who hasn't hit delete yet...

1. I once was forced out of someone's house at gunpoint.

2. I spent my 17th birthday in a psychiatric ward.

3. I have a 7 pound dog named mush

4. I crashed a car while REM's "Losing My Religion" was playing on the radio.

5. I crush hard for Jennifer Connelly

6. I do not have belly button

7. One day, I aspire to be as clever as Shannon

8. I haven't farted in 20 years

9. My brother and sister were literally born nine months apart - she 1/21/70 he-10/22/70

10. I see dead people

1 comment:

  1. How do you not have a belly button...?