Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Thoughts about the ABC Nightline taping

I have been thinking a lot about my experience at the Nightline taping.

I posted on my blog about this exchange and got great feedback via the comments section on my blog and on my favorite lists, ASDAH and FAT STUDIES.

one of the fears I had about the activism part of my FA experience was being attacked and humiliated in public about my FA stance.

over the past year when i would read the comments on the mainstream blogs and see such hatred for people who are fat I would quiver when thinking about having attack and hatred comments like those directed right at me. it made me frightened about going public with my FATNESS.

on Friday when I went over to Meme, there were no cameras. I just wanted to ask her face to face, in a civil way, what she thought about diets not working and see if i could find a place to meet with her and her concerns.

then moments later the nightline cameras and the boom guy with the mike appeared and I held my shit together with this person who is known for spewing hatred upon us while I questioned the logic of what she as saying.

as most of us know, just because the news folks tape it doesn't mean it makes it to the broadcast or even onto the website.

this was a transformative moment in my FA journey. I don't know if I would have walked up to her if the cameras were already there. I am glad they weren't because my thoughts would have been fogged by my concern about not hurting the FA community image on camera.

I still don't know if the footage will make it onto the ABC NIGHTLINE website. It would be cool if it did and it was favorable to our movement, (not edited to make the FA position look bad)

The real victory for me here is a personal one. It was in that moment that I stood my ground publicly against the stigma and oppression that has been a part of my entire life experience.

I also want to take a moment to thank my friend, Golda Portensky for taking a photo of that moment for me as I think that moment is going to be one that I never forget and having a photo of it is "just too cool for school" Thanks Golda.


  1. You are a brave man, my friend.

  2. Oh, Meme... Stupid, stupid, stupid Meme. *shakes head*

    Anyway! I'm so proud of you! It is awesome that you got up and showed her that we're not going to be quiet! We're not afraid of her or afraid of what she says.

    You go! I'm behind you 100% and then some!


  3. Hey, Ivan. Thanks for using my pic! And thanks for writing about it, I still need to get my piece into NAAFA, and this is remind me...

    Also, as I said before, I'm SO PROUD of you for engaging with her. You are so brave.

  4. You took on MEME G! The bain of P.S. 9, enemy of Santa Claus and stealer of cupcakes! As a former New Yorker (born and raised!) I salute you and your bravery. I also commend your level headed approach and ability to think of the research and science.