Thursday, August 6, 2009

Turning off the Radar

Armed with the good will showered upon me at the recent NAAFA and ASDAH conventions I have been enjoying my neighborhood (one of the nicest in New York City) with the aid of my rolling walker. I had been using a cane only to get around. Honestly I was ashamed of the way I looked with the walker. I worried about people shunning me for getting to fat to walk by myself. Since walking with the cane was much harder than using the walker, I walked a lot less. Now with a new found courage to be out in the world I was able to enjoy a spontaneous Karaoke mob form in Union Square Park and a few minutes later I listened to an amazing drummer who drew a crowd of about a hundred. I tapped my foot and shook my butt while I leaned on my walker enjoying with everyone around me.

There may have been people there who were off-put by my appearance but they didn't show up on my radar because I decided to turn the radar off.

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  1. I'm glad to have found your blog, Ivan. I like hearing about your experience of being fat in a man's body. By the way, I just met you at the conferences last weekend- I was there when you were getting your morning coffee on Saturday.

    all good things,